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Exclusively for our Clients

At Unique As You, we pride ourselves on providing a very special 'experience'; so much more than a service.  As part of this we provide wedding photography guides written exclusively for our clients. When you book one of our wedding packages, you will sent the password to open up the guide page below:

Currently our guides include:

  • Your Wedding Photography: How to Get the Most From Your Day
  • Unique As You Wedding Magazine - general articles, trends, hints and tips
  • Hints and Tips for Your Pre-wedding Photo Shoot - ideas, things to consider, what to wear etc
  • Photo Editing Styles - further choices for you!



Things to consider when finding a photographer

This is often much more important than people realise... of course we would think that... but when your cake is eaten and your flowers have wilted, it is your photographs that will be that permanent reminder of all of the emotions, love, laughter.... and blood, sweat and tears that went into every detail.  Then there is the record of the people who were important to you on this special day - a record for you and future generations.

Wedding photographers are not in short supply and with such an array of things on offer, it can be a nightmare to pick your way through. There are some important things to remember:

  1. You really do need to feel comfortable and feel confident with your photographer.  They are with you all day, often in emotional circumstances.  See through the sales patter and schmooze and decide whether you actually LIKE them!

  2. ​Know what you are paying for.  Comparing tick-lists of services really isn't accurate.  It is the quality of the original images, the expertise of your photographer (especially under pressure!) and how they edit an finish your images that determines the outcome. Your cheaper deals tend to have very little time spent on post production and album design - they can't afford to.  Do you want hundreds of mediocre images on a disc which may get printed badly or stunning, art-edited photographs in a work of art?

  3. Beware of the packages that start off cheap... and then afterwards when you want a bigger album or a different finish, the price goes up exponentially.  Suddenly you should have paid for the photographer whose photos and albums you really loved.


Don't just take our word for it. This is an article from Stylist magazine, speaking to four of the UK's most respected wedding photographers.


The Huffington Post, wrote an interesting article which may be some help:


And of course, we have written our own after one wedding threw up a lot of challenges...


Types of photos...

The style of photographs you want will influence your choice of photographer.  Once you have chosen them, we hope that they will discuss what balance between formal and candid/ relaxed photos that you want.  We will obviously listen to our couples and try to deliver their requests.  One thing that we do try to encourage couples to do is consider reducing the group formals to a minimum.  We have all been to weddings where we have had to stand and wait to be called.  Now we are very efficient at building the groups, but it still puts a pause on the flow of the day.  Plus the longer we spend taking the formals, the less time we have to capture the candids of people interacting naturally.

So for a bit of fun, watch the tongue in cheek comedy sketch below. No, we are nothing like this!!  There is a small risk of offence, do not watch if you are of a sensitive disposition!