Wedding Flowers


Choosing Your Flowers

If you are like us, your flower naming stops at rose, lily, geranium and a few more, so knowing what you want in your wedding flowers is unlikely. Then of course the seasons come into play.  Some brides find pictures that they like, others like to see what is available at the time of year and some will just go to the florist and say, "I want red.."   Whatever your approach, we hope that our carefully selected links might help!

Wedding Photographer Newport, South WalesWedding bouquet by Florist Fleur

An article that lists flowers by season:


Flowers by colour:











Some style ideas...


Choosing Your Florist

We get to see the work of many florists, but often the flowers arrive whilst we are photographing and we don't get to meet the florist. Here is a starter list of known to us fabulous flower angels who have been praised by our brides....


Jenny Fleur, Malvern             

Flowers by Becca Jane, Brecon

Florest Fleur, Newport Wales 

Floral Events, Malvern            

Emma Webster. Monmouth   



D.I.Y. Wedding Flowers

Unless you want the most simple of tied flowers, then DIY floristry is one step too far!! However, I did somehow manage to create my sister's wedding bouquet and have made floral head-dresses that looked quite lovely... but did not last the day.  If you are really excited by the prospect, then please get as much advice as possible.  Do also consider that, by the time you have practiced, there may not be any saving!


Keeping Your Flowers Fresh On the Day

  • Your florist should deliver your fresh flowers with the stems in a small water source, whether transport vases, cellophane bowls or trays. Ideally flowers should have the resources to 'drink' for as long as possible.
  • Once the flowers are delivered, put them in coolest area possible e.g. a garage, shed or possibly the bathroom in a hotel.  Do not put them in the fridge as many people used to suggest!  If a cool place is not possible, at least protect them from sunlight.
  • Remove your flowers from the water at the last possible moment, but do give them a wipe to stop drips on your dress!
  • Decorative flowers such as hairpieces and wrist corsages should be protected from perfume and hairspray.
  • Ask your bridesmaids to value their flowers with them and have them nearby for the wedding photographs.  It is amazing how many discard their expensive bouquets too early on in the day.
  • Give the buttonholes to a trusted person to take to venue in time for the photographer to capture the guys before the service.  This is particularly important if the boys may be going via an alcoholic beverage place.Keep them cool!
  • One idea to consider is to have vases on the top table so that your bouquets can have a drink again for the after meal photos and provide more decoration than simply laying them down.



Preserving Your Flowers After the Day