Wedding Transport


Nowadays your transport options are as varied as table decorations. Classic cars still remain a popular choice, but nowadays anything from a tandem to a tuk-tuk, an elephant to a hot air balloon are being used.  And, if the journey is short, walking is still a very cool option!


As well as budget, couples may want to consider:

  • how important non 'everyday' transport is to them 
  • how long they will spend in it/ how much time they will devote to photo opportunities compared to the cost of it!
  • how practical it is - big, big dress and tiny two door coupe, 1920s car and motorway (with quick delivery to venue needed), stretch limousine and tiny streets and low sports car and rough farm track are just some of the interesting combinations we have seen recently!
  • the time it takes to cover the distance between ceremony and venue IN THE TRANSPORT of your choice.


Classic cars:




Interestingly there are a lot of providers out there.  You may even know someone who will drive you on the day.  We have decided to list only those who have a website, hopefully removing the people who have a nice car and make a bit of money 'on the side'... and who aren't insured for paid work when the car doesn't run or there is an accident.


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