Wedding Cakes


You want a cake made of layers of cheese?  It's yours!  Fancy three layers with different exotic flavours? No problem.  How about a Disney scene with a working water wheel and chocolate stream. Sorted! From cupcakes to dragons, a supermarket sponge to a huge art piece; there has never been such a choice in cakes.  

Some couples are going for extravagant... and we see a rise in popularity of tv programmes about US Cake Suppliers....  Some couples are skipping the cake altogether (and saving money) as it is seen as less important now the significance of the 'christening layer' wains. We all love admiring a beautiful cake, but have noticed a decline in interest in the 'cutting of the cake' ceremony... so maybe this is one area to consider if your budget is too tight.


So what are the traditions surrounding a wedding cake?


Yum, yum... now where to find that cake inspiration? Since (a little sadly) we seem to be following American trends, so we have found this great selection of articles from Brides magazine - the USA version.


We are very lucky to have a plethora of cake makers locally, some of whom can create the most amazing cakes.  Some of the notable ones for us recently are:

The Little Pink Cake Shop, Worcester:

Catkin Cakes, Pontypridd:  

Icing on the Cake, Malvern:

Rebecca Gilmore, Brecon: 

Celtic Cakes, Cardiff:          

Divine Bakes, Herefordshire: