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What is a pre wedding shoot?

Quite simply we meet with you before you wedding day and spend about 45-60 minutes having fun! It is a relaxed session in which we get a feel for the chemistry you have with each other, your comfort level with showing affection 'on camera' and you get a feel for how we work with you before you day.  We do show you a few things that we ensure that your photographs are flattering, but mostly we demonstrate our motion and emotion approach to photography that means no plastic mannequin posing!

This session can be as much or as little as you like - a casual walk in a favourite place or a night-time fashion shoot.  We even supply a guide to help you make the choices that are right for you.























If you are shy or nervous about having your photograph taken then the shoot will really benefit you. At the end of it you will be more confident and relaxed. It can be really empowering! We never fail to have clients say how glad they are that they did it and how it really helped. When we walk in on your wedding day we do so as familiar supportive 'friends' not scary people with cameras!

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Your images are available for digital download and we can help you with the purchase of prints and other items.  Some clients use them as a save the date email, a slideshow or phone gallery, whilst others choose to purchase a bespoke designed book for their guests to sign on the wedding day.


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These sessions are included in our main package and are another way that we get to know you before your wedding. It all goes to helping create a bit of Liz and Stuart magic!