Monmouth and Raglan Wedding of Emily and Kyle

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“My point is, life is about balance. The good and the bad. The highs and the lows. The pina and the colada.” 
Ellen DeGeneres

Emily and Kyle have that balance... Emily likes things 'just right'. She loves lists and loves ticking things off them even more. She doesn't stop until things are 'perfect'. Sometimes, however, you need to stop, draw breath and spend time relishing what you have achieved. This is where Kyle comes in. She shoots him 'that look' with that says 'it hasn't been done properly' and he replies with a cheeky, boyish grin that makes her giggle. He will shake his head and give her a hug. They tease each other, laugh lots and somewhere in that all, the list gets ticked. She is the pina to his colada.

Monmouth wedding EK blog-3Monmouth wedding EK blog-3

Their love story began ten years ago. We are sure that when a teenage Kyle admitted to his brother and best mate that he fancied one of the girls, that neither of them expected to be get suited up ready for Emily and Kyle's wedding day!

Monmouth wedding EK blog-9Monmouth wedding EK blog-907583 198124 Monmouth wedding EK blog-10Monmouth wedding EK blog-1007583 198124 Kyle 2 (1 of 1)Kyle 2 (1 of 1)07583 198124 Monmouth wedding EK blog-12Monmouth wedding EK blog-1207583 198124

Our beautiful bride was getting ready at her parent's house.  We were given a warm welcome and made to feel immediately 'at home'.  The house was full of people, clothes and equipment, but mostly excitement and love. 

Emily's hair was softly put up in a work of art of curls, whilst her make-up was soft and natural and received the seal of approval.

Monmouth wedding EK blog-2Monmouth wedding EK blog-2   Monmouth wedding EK blog-1Monmouth wedding EK blog-1 Monmouth wedding EK blog-4Monmouth wedding EK blog-4

The service was a morning one, so before we knew it it was time to get Emily into her dress. As her mum buttoned her up there were looks of approval from her bridesmaids. This was a perfect choice for her slim frame.

Monmouth wedding EK blog-5Monmouth wedding EK blog-5 Monmouth Wedding photographer unique-as-youMonmouth Wedding photographer unique-as-you

Emily looked radiant!

Monmouth wedding EK blog-6Monmouth wedding EK blog-6 Monmouth wedding EK blog-7Monmouth wedding EK blog-7 Monmouth wedding EK blog-8Monmouth wedding EK blog-8

Mum and Dad could not look prouder!

Monmouth wedding EK blog-15Monmouth wedding EK blog-15 Monmouth wedding EK blog-16Monmouth wedding EK blog-16

So as Emily got into the car to leave for the church...

Monmouth wedding EK blog-17Monmouth wedding EK blog-17

...a certain groom was nervously waiting for her arrival with his parents looking on.

Monmouth wedding EK blog-18Monmouth wedding EK blog-18 Monmouth wedding EK blog-21Monmouth wedding EK blog-21

And as Emily and her father arrived, Kyle's best men left him to pace alone (mean, but funny boys)!!

Monmouth wedding EK blog-19Monmouth wedding EK blog-1907583 198124 Monmouth wedding EK blog-20Monmouth wedding EK blog-20

After the service, the new Mr and Mrs exited the church to a shower of confetti...

Monmouth wedding EK blog-23Monmouth wedding EK blog-2307583 198124 Monmouth wedding EK blog-22Monmouth wedding EK blog-2207583 198124

...before taking their first journey together as husband and wife to their chosen venue, The Stone Mill in Monmouth.

Monmouth wedding EK blog-24Monmouth wedding EK blog-24 Monmouth wedding EK blog-25Monmouth wedding EK blog-25 Monmouth wedding EK blog-26Monmouth wedding EK blog-26

As predicted, this was a perfectly co-ordinated wedding with something for everyone, from lawn games to rugs to keep the evening chill away, from a photo wall to coloured decorations. As for the cake, it was a triumph, with a reference to Kyle's strong Welsh roots (cariad meaning love) and the delicacy of hand painted flowers. 

Monmouth wedding EK blog-27Monmouth wedding EK blog-2707583 198124 Monmouth wedding EK blog-31Monmouth wedding EK blog-31

Although we managed a few photographs of the guests in the sun, the clouds were rolling in...

Monmouth wedding EK blog-28Monmouth wedding EK blog-28 Monmouth wedding EK blog-29Monmouth wedding EK blog-29 Monmouth wedding EK blog-30Monmouth wedding EK blog-30

...and as we slipped away with Emily and Kyle for photographs of them together, the rain started to fall and wasn't going to let  up for a few hours.


  Monmouth wedding EK blog-33Monmouth wedding EK blog-3307583 198124 Monmouth wedding EK blog-34Monmouth wedding EK blog-34 Monmouth wedding EK blog-35Monmouth wedding EK blog-35(C)Unique Wedding Photography Ltd Monmouth wedding EK blog-36Monmouth wedding EK blog-36 Monmouth wedding EK blog-37Monmouth wedding EK blog-37

The speeches were a perfect mix of emotion, history and laughter.  We were reminded about how important family are to this couple and how much their inner circle of friends mean to them. There was no mistaking how much humour features in their lives.

Monmouth wedding EK blog-38Monmouth wedding EK blog-38 Monmouth wedding EK blog-39Monmouth wedding EK blog-39 Monmouth wedding EK blog-40Monmouth wedding EK blog-40

Their wedding rings were another example of their balanced relationship. Whilst Emily's sense of order would have seen both rings in the same metal, she knew that Kyle had to have his beloved Welsh gold. Cariad! So as the couple cut into their cake...

Monmouth wedding EK blog-41Monmouth wedding EK blog-41 Monmouth wedding EK blog-42Monmouth wedding EK blog-4207583 198124

...we had another display of this couple's sense of humour and playfulness.

Monmouth wedding EK blog-43Monmouth wedding EK blog-4307583 198124 Monmouth wedding EK blog-44Monmouth wedding EK blog-4407583 198124 Monmouth wedding EK blog-45Monmouth wedding EK blog-4507583 198124

As evening drew in...

Monmouth wedding EK blog-46Monmouth wedding EK blog-4607583 198124

...we watched this couple take to the floor for their first dance before much partying began.

Monmouth wedding EK blog-50Monmouth wedding EK blog-50 Monmouth wedding EK blog-51Monmouth wedding EK blog-51

...and they started their married life in balance. 

We wish them every happiness.

Monmouth wedding EK blog-47Monmouth wedding EK blog-47


Venue:   The Stone Mill, Monmouth, Monmouthshire    

Video:  Gemini Wedding Films    (we can't recommend these guys enough - creative and professional!!)

Hair and Make-up artists:  


Wedding dress:






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