Wedding Photography: What Happens On a Wedding Day

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Amazing wedding photography starts a long time before your day.

This is one of the most important days of your life and we really understand that. You have probably spent hours dreaming about your day, visualizing what every minute will be like.  We invest a lot of time getting to know you - hearing about your dreams, your ideas and what you want from your wedding photography. 

We watch you, photograph you, laugh with you and create moments with you before your day so that we have a really good feel for who you are and how you express things with each other.  For breath-taking wedding photographs do so much more than record an action, they capture the chemistry between people.

No plastic poses, not just turning up and going through a set of standard shots that are just a 'day by numbers' in a black paged album.  We capture you, being you - a recognisable you -  using our knowledge and skills to make sure we do it in a beautiful, creative way.



First Contact

We have probably spoken to you in person at a wedding, a fayre, or on the 'phone or by email.  The next step is usually to meet somewhere for a coffee and a chat (with albums if required).  We will explain our comprehensive service, how we achieve the quality and why each wedding takes approx. 80-100 hours of our skills/time.  What - you thought we just turned up and took photos? 

When you secure your booking with us, we will send you a Planner to help us begin to understand your day.  If you have Pinterest Boards or links to anything which is really significant to you then we encourage you to share it.  Just let us know if it is a secret from your partner!  It is also good to know if you share any special interests that we might be able to use to create something unique to you.


wedding photographer woodland photograph Ledbury Planning Meeting

We like to meet you both - at your location if possible.  We will spend approximately an hour talking about your day and sharing ideas. We will also ask you to go through your projected timings. Your other (excellent) suppliers usually work independently to time 'their bit' – we see the whole day and can often suggest ways to help things run smoother. An important thought...the unique photos, the ones that couples ask for, nearly always require you to dedicate time away from your guests to capture them. We LOVE to create something very unique for a couple, but need the location and time to do it. We will work together and see what you want to do. 

If possible we will walk around your venue and get a feel about what excites you about it. Again, we are forming ideas all the time. :-)


Engagement Photo Session

We often combine this with the planning meeting.  This is a great way for you to learn a few of our posing tricks to help you feel confident and also realise that working with us is both easy and fun.  We also get a chance to observe how comfortable you are showing emotion in front of the camera, your private humour, the special looks or way hold each other. This way we can get the photographs that naturally show you and your love. Even those who are not comfortable in front of a camera, will surprise themselves!

The style of shoot will be based on conversations that we have had beforehand. Perhaps it will be at your wedding location, in a favourite park/woods, a playpark or where you got engaged (subject to travel).  Perhaps you share a mad hobby and want to be photographed in action, you live on a farm or perhaps you fancy a twilight fashion style shoot? 

Wedding photography Graphistudio album and box

You will receive approximately 35-40 images sized  to start celebrating with your friends. We will also give you your favourite one as a complimentary 12 x 8” print. If you wish, we can create a very special handmade Italian Guest Signing Book with your prints in it to compliment your album (from £125) 





Getting the Most From Your Photographs

Along the way, we will provide you with little gifts that will help you be ready for your day. If you have booked us more than a year before your wedding, then we may meet you again, just to keep things feeling good! We will take the time to keep communicating. 


Your Wedding Day

This is the day when you need to be just focussing on you.  We will be there to quietly support you - intuitively reading your emotions and stepping in and out as required. Not only will be capturing your moments, but also doing lots of little extras to make sure your day is as perfect as it can be. But mostly - looking through our cameras. We achieve your beautiful images by understanding the different ‘tempos’ of a wedding day; we spend a lot of the time working as unobtrusively as possible capturing candids, at other times having fun with you in more choreographed shots and then the special intimate bride and groom photographs in a style that reflect your personality.

If the lighting, weather, locations or guests prove a little challenging, we will calmly work around it all.  This is based on all the experience we have, but also on all the training that we continuously invest in (and love!)

We will have spent hours during the previous day checking and cleaning our professional equipment. We carry complete spare kits (usually 5 complete camera kits), various lighting kits, reflectors, props, umbrellas, laptops and so much more and it will all be cleaned and checked off. This is where Stuart's RAF years come in very handy!!  We will also have done a 'reccie' of your venue if we have not been there before and a timing run.  We will have maps of alternative routes to back up our satnav. Most importantly we will have allowed extra time to get to you on the morning. If the weather looks challenging, then we will have contacted the venue to discuss a wet weather plan. Planning is key!


wedding photograph hereford Malvern wedding photographywedding photographer malvern Malvern wedding photographywedding photographer malvern Malvern wedding photographywedding photographer malvern






If you booked a whole day package, whilst you are eating your wedding breakfast, we will be doing a quick edit on a selection of images and creating a special slideshow for your guests to view on the evening. Years of experience has shown that groups huddled round a laptop in the evening creates a wonderful buzz and gives evening guests a feel of your day.

Example of an evening wedding slideshow:

  wedding video newport

By the time we get home it will probably be our 13-14th hour on the go, but when we get in, we will spend a couple of hours backing up all of our images multiple times (including off site) to ensure their safety.


Editing Process

One of us will start going through all the images, removing any where people blinked etc.  All of the images that will be uploaded to your secure, private gallery with be edited - they will be colour balanced, exposure checked and some may be re-cropped. This is quite some work and accounts for more of the hours that go into making your images exceptional.  They will then be re-sized for the web and catalogued. 

Whilst this is happening, the other person will be sampling a selection of images to retouch or 'art edit'.  Each image is lovingly enhanced - literally given a spa treatment on an individual basis. These will then go into your Slideshow for FB/ personal use and, because we know our clients well by then and have a fairly good idea of the images that they will love, most of them are usually the ones chosen by clients to go in their album!

Once uploaded, we will send you an email with a password.  You get to see your images first (and can request that we remove any that you don't want others to see).  We will then send you another email which you can share with your guests when you are ready for them to view.  Guests can purchase images at very reasonable prices.


THE Album

Some clients want to choose all the images themselves and have a fairly traditional album in mind.  The trust with our clients often grows to the point that many of them leave us to create something truly magical, knowing that we see design beyond individual images.  In this case, we would ask you to choose  approx. 20 of your favourite images (for a 30 page album or more for larger albums) and then let us choose other images to 'tell the story of your day' (the average is 55-60 images in 30 page album). Clients are often amazed (if not overwhelmed) when they see their uniquely designed album. 

We use Graphistudio, who are world leaders in the album market and only sell to professionals.  Each album is handmade and has so many options that we can create a bespoke design for every couple. Our 'standard' album is far from standard - it is truly beautiful. Other designs include crystal, metal, leather covers, a range of cases and boxes and you can even have raised varnish, multi-paper finishes in your album and possibly use fabric from your wedding for the cover!  

If you want copies for parents, wall art or calendars, we can chat about it all. We use on the best quality pro labs so that your products will last much longer than many 'public labs'.

We lovingly design each album uniquely - we don't just drop photos into a previously used template.  We want you to have an album like no-one else's.  THAT UNIQUE,  THAT SPECIAL.  We will send you a pdf of a draft album for you to review.  We will talk through each page and make a reasonable amount of changes (if necessary).  Once signed off, it will be uploaded to Italy where it will be lovingly crafted by hand...

...waiting for that wonderful moment when you get to open it up for the first time. The moment that we truly love, as your reaction will be worth every moment that we dedicated to creating it (not that we are passionate about our work!!).  


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