An Insight into Wedding Make Up and Hair: Guest Blog by Jess Mac

March 31, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Today's blog is by the talented and very lovely Jess Mac. We love her work! Jess is based in Brecon, but travels widely. She is very popular and a look at her work with show you why.  We know first hand what a difference that a fabulous makeup and hair artist can have on wedding photographs. There is a difference between pretty facial make up and professional 'sculpting'.


  • How to book the right hair and makeup artist for you

Your wedding day is what most call the best day of your life, and other's a symbol of their love and finalising their commitment before a long and happy life together. Unless you're getting married or organising events quite a lot, then booking a large venue, caterers, decorations, guest lists, dress, suits are reallydaunting.

Hair and makeup is part of a lot of women's daily routine, even if it's the simplest of things like brushing hair or a splash of colour on the why is it hard to choose the right hairstylist and makeup artist for you? Hopefully this can give you some insight...

  • Why are they so expensive, it's just a bit of hair styling and make up application?

Professional hair and makeup artists are NOT trying to rip you off. Prices aren't just covering the products they use (which no are not cheap) along with these products for your skin, they have a range to cover all skin types and conditions, the education and knowledge that each individual has put them self through to give you the very best service. Time contacting the bride, emails back and forth trying to help you as much as possible. Research to help you with specialist products, eg...natural/gluten free/vegan/paraben free and much more. Sanitation knowledge and wants cross amateur may not be fully aware. Time, experience and an up to date with the fashions and themes, eg...natural, smoky eyes, finger wave curls, plaits and braids, whimsical, unusual and much more. All of these things are because a hair and makeup artist is nothing less than artist and have a lot of pride and skill in what they do, it isn't just a hobby.

To find someone in your price bracket don't be afraid to shop around, ask questions and get as much information as possible.

  • You're getting married miles away from anywhere or anyone you really know, how do you know who to book?

If you're getting married in a location where you don't know then top internet results are good but the best is word of mouth...ask the venue who they recommend, if your only left with one option then ask the photographer, florist, even the caterer. Anyone and everyone, there will be different preferences for different reasons. These companies specialise in their fields, they meet and get to know others in the same industry and usually come across a lot of different people, word of mouth is incredible.

  • Contacting the right hair and makeup artist for you.

Once you've researched a bit more the next step is to contact them. Whether it's texting, phoning, emailing or through social media sites most people will get back to you in one way or another. From a personal opinion I would leave it 48-72 hours before contacting again if you have had no response in the first place. I can truthfully tell you that they are not ignoring you or don't want the business, it can be the simple things like an email has gone into the wrong folder...who checks their junk mail every time? Another one which happens to myself a lot is unsociable hours problem. Working a flexible job includes hours too, so if I get home at 9.30pm by the time I'm sorted I have either eaten and gone to bed or I simply don't want to ring or text at midnight! (I wouldn't appreciate it!) From this contact, after a few messages/emails etc you should get a pretty good idea whether this person is for you...the website is incredible, price is in your budget but they don't understand what you really want, they are being awkward with their answer or at worst - rude, then they are not for you. Remember you are not friends with everyone so there is no saying you're going to get along with them, everyone has such different personalities, it is what makes us human.

  • They are too expensive?

Ever seen a dress which is out of your price range but your heart melts when you wear it? This is the same, you love their portfolio, they have the same vision as you and understand your needs...they are just slightly out of your's decision time! A true professional hair and makeup artist will be as accommodating as possible, they may not however bargain or barter. Like mentioned before, not to rip you off but because it is also a business. ...You wouldn't ask for money off products in a shop because it's too expensive... What they should do however is help with a solution, whether it be offering a less expensive member of their team or suggesting alternative artists. There is always the option of having a few less other things, your face and hair will be on show for the entire day and will be the memory on your photographs for the rest of life, you may end up paying more in the long run if you hire an amateur

  • Loyalty to your current hairdresser/beautician?

If your current hairdresser/beautician specialises in this industry then you have the perfect situation, someone you already trust who will give you honest opinions and advice. However if this isn't your situation then you shouldn't feel one bit guilty. You are not 'cheating' on them. They should want the best for you too!

  • I do my hair and face all the time so will do it.

No. Well unless you know you can hide those hair pins, get a flawless, skin matching foundation that doesn't slip, not get flashback from the photos, make sure your lippy doesn't bleed and be clown like. If you know what you're doing then who am I to tell you to hire a professional. I would though, take into account how stressed you or the bridal party may get, how well your bridesmaids can apply hair and makeup, it won't only be you in your photos remember! Us hair and makeup artists go above and beyond to provide a sense of calm and well being which at the end of the day is priceless.


So just a few reminders... * DO shop around * DO ask questions * DO be patient, we are only but human * Really think about your budget and what's really important to you * Do NOT let them bully you into deciding * DO take advice, if they suggest a colour of style, it can always be changed * Do NOT settle if you aren't comfortable, they are definitely not worth it if they get offended * Please speak up if you are NOT comfortable, we really can't read minds * Do NOT leave it until last minute, you should think of it as a part of your final dressed look

These are but a few things that hopefully give you a bit of insight into why hair and makeup artists do, say and charge what we do, and give you some help when looking into booking yours. Good luck and of course have a wonderful day! :)

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*please note, these are my personal and humble opinions, they may not be what you believe I am speaking only from past experience. As a professional hair and makeup artist I aim to give my brides and clients the highest standard of service possible. I love what I do and I believe everyone should feel and look as special as they already are. Jess Mac x*


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